Maurer, Gittings & Graf, LLP takes a proactive role in providing you both planning and compliance services.  Many accounting firms typically wait until late in the year and then provide answers to your questions on a historical basis.  Maurer, Gittings & Graf, LLP believes that excellence in taxation services comes from providing our clients advanced planning and timely service.  Our unique approach allows you to consult with us throughout the entire year, not just during tax season or the last week of December. 

At Maurer, Gittings & Graf, LLP, we believe education and our committment to continuing professional training is fundamental which is why we believe our team is best able to service your tax and accounting needs.  At Maurer, Gitins & Graf, LLP our tax professionals are highly skilled and experienced in the intricacies of partnership, corporate, individual, estate, state and multi-state taxation issues.  Maurer,Gittings & Graf, LLP devotes a significant amount of resources to provide continued training to the professionals of the firm.

We will work closely with our clients to communicate important tax issues, tax minimization strategies and will assist in maximizing the profit of your business.  Throughout the year, our clients can expect various newsletters, articles and presentations on topics that may directly influence your business and personal financial situation.

Maurer, Gittings& Graf, LLP has designed and implemented unique tax planning opportunities and has become a leader in claiming various federal, state and local tax credits and incentives.

Our tax professionals can provide you with specialized tax services such as:

  • Corporate Tax Planning & Compliance.
  • Individual Tax Planning & Compliance.
  • Partnership Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Estate & Gift Taxes
  • Research & Development Credits
  • Various State & Local Tax Incentives (i.e. Enterprise Zone, Lambra, Sales & Use, etc)
  • IRS Dispute Resolution
  • IRS Offer & Compromise
  • Domestic Production Activity Deduction and other Manufacturing Incentives

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